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Our History

Creation of Gelfix S.A.

1937. José Teichman (food technician) created a company under his own name, specializing in representing and importing raw materials for the food industry, particularly confectionary and canned foods.

1963. Maprico S.A., a company with vast experience in the production of ingredients for baking, dairy and ice cream acquired Mr. Teichman’s company and named it GELFIX S.A. The technical director of Maprico, Emilio Strauss, took over its direction, and insisted from the beginning on bringing novelties to the local market.

1979. Emilio Strauss purchased Gelfix S.A. together with his son, Engineer Andrés T. Strauss. Andrés provided his experience from working for National Starch & Chemical Corp. for 5 years in technical sales and international business issues.

1982. Gelfix moved their offices and warehouse from Anchorena St. in Buenos Aires to its current site in Barracas. Ten years later, an important expansion of facilities was made, doubling the storage capacity and allowing the admission of new professionals in different areas

GELFIX: a history of permanent innovation in the Argentine food industry

From its early beginning, Gelfix S.A. has been a pioneering and leading company in providing ingredients and additives, making countless contributions to the national industry.

The 70’s

  • Gelfix introduced guar gum and locust bean gum into the country. These two hydrocolloids are still widely used in many different applications.
  • Gelfix also introduced hydrolyzed vegetable protein and developed its application as a white egg substitute in confections, glazings, etc. Nowadays this product is manufactured in the country by Kerry
  • After the start up of the Bunge plant in Brazil, Gelfix began to promote the use of soy lecithin in the local market, particularly lecithin specialties. It was also the first to promote the use of soy proteins.
  • Based on his experience gained in the USA by the engineer Strauss, Gelfix boosted the use of modified starches in the food industry with big success. Soon the uses of modified starches were incorporated in mayonnaise, instant desserts, emulsions as arabic gum replacement, and other applications.
  • At the same time, Gelfix promoted the use of microcrystalline cellulose in food products through its representative company FMC and its iconic trademark Avicel.

The 80’s

  • Gelfix significantly expanded the market of pectins in our country, developing its application as a stabilizer for soy milk and certain types of dulce de leche. Until that moment, pectins were used only in jams.
  • Gelfix introduced the use of carob flour, which was already widely used in Spain where it originated.
  • After several years of intense work, Gelfix succeeded in incorporating aspartame as a sweetener in the Argentine Food Codex . Two years later, the first yoghurt with the renowned Nutrasweet aspartame was launched. From that moment on the market of this sweetener literally exploded, impacting significantly in dairy industry, beverage and top table sweeteners industry.

The 90’s

  • Representing Xyrofin, Gelfix started to commercialize xylitol. The first purpose was to incorporate it in sugar free chewing gums. Once achieved, the market of xilitol in Argentina expanded rapidly to other applications, like dairy, creams and mouthwash.
  • Later, it promoted succesfully the incorporation of crystalline fructose in the Argentine Food Codex. Until that moment, only corn syrup appeared in the Codex.
  • One of the most innovative ingredients worldwide of the 90’s, was the fat replacer Simplesse. Gelfix developed its market, but also encouraged the construction of the first plant of microparticulated whey protein concentrate in Argentina, which operated for 15 years.

The 00’s

  • Gelfix achives the incorporation of neotame in the Argentine Food Codex, offering the industry the possibility of using an intensive sweetener up to 12.000 times sweeter than sacarose. Beverage industry was the first to capitalize this innovation.
  • Committed to a rising healthy lifestyle in our country and the popularization of dietary supplements, Gelfix incorporates new premium raw materials to its portfolio. The highlights of this new acquisitions are Taiyo´s green tea extracts, Carnipure L-carnitine and the worldwide known and recognized creatine Creapure, as well as other products.
  • Understanding the new world economical scenario, Gelfix starts commercial relationships with the best chinese providers in order to be able to supply more competitive options to its customers. Mr. Strauss periodically visits in person different industrial plants of polyols, sweeteners and thickeners in China, selecting only those that can assure a constant supply and optimal quality.
  • Some years later Gelfix starts distributing the first national lecithin free of any allergen an GMOs, which is produced by the firm Emulgrain. This is a very convenient alternative to imported similar lecithins, because of its lower cost and instant availability.
  • As a response to an increasing gluten-free food demand, Gelfix starts distributing a new wheat flour replacer known as Precisa Bake GF, giving this society sector the chance to access to products that look and taste the same as those made or baked with regular wheat flour.


With a staff of 17 employees and a technical team of three professionals, Gelfix doesn’t stop in its innovative philosophy and continues opening new ways to bring the best raw materials to the local argentinian market.

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