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Hydrocolloids as fiber specialty: hidrolised guar gum

Published: March 2016

Traditionally, hydrocolloids have been used to thicken, suspend or gel an aqueous formulation. However, virtually all hydrocolloids are fibers, either soluble or insoluble. It is only in the recent history of food hydrocolloids, that the nutritional and nutraceutical benefits have been explored and exploited.

Sunfiber™ is one of the better established sources of soluble fiber with a 25 year history. It is, clinically, the most studied dietary fiber on the world. Unlike other fibers, that can cause swelling and inconveniences in the bowel, Sunfiber™ produces a feeling of well-being. It is a prebiotic, it has no after taste, the solution is clear and has very low viscosity.

More than hundred clinical studies are available under request.